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It’s been a while my little Bellums and while Uncle Cere”Bro” was away contemplating his next opus to invade your life with, he hopes that you have kept your minds open and your behinds fastened tightly to the earth cause this planet has been spinning like a broken shopping cart-wheel….
Anyway, I’ve touched on this subject before outside of this Bloggiverse, but have decided with a little “prodding” and a genuine interest in knowing how you all may feel about this, I said, “Let’s Write!”

Udder Nonsense!

Yup. That’s right people; you drink what comes from out of that! Yummo!

Welcome to my, I am your conductor MC Milk-A-Lot so sit back while I kick these nasty thoughts.

This is about milk, from cows, that you consume.  Not knowing the gross indecencies you ingest and digest and spread so lovingly with warm chocolate chip cookies; I’m here to stop you with my ink-stained pimp hand!

“Did you know that cow’s milk has Somatic cells (Pus cells) as well as blood?  A dairy cow filters ten-thousand quarts through her udder each day and uses dead white blood cells (WBC) to manufacture her milk; dairy scientists are aware that when one quart of milk is tainted with 400 million or more pus cells, some 35% of the milking cows in the herd are infected with mastitis; udders bleed, discharges, including bacteria and blood drip in to the milk.

Both mastitis and laminitis result from the extraordinary stresses placed on the cow by the pursuit of ever higher milk production.  The modern milker’s (cows) enormous udders are frequently crushed when the cow lies down in the concrete cubicles where they are kept for the winter; are damaged by milking machines; or are exposed to infection when the animals are processed too quickly.  Udders now get so big that they push the cows’ hind legs outwards, straining the outside of the foot.  The damage is exacerbated by acidosis, caused by too much milk-stimulating food. (

Get your notebooks folks; here are some puss-free alternatives:
Almond Milk (which I love), Rice Milk, Hemp Milk and Soy Milk

Humans are the only mammals that drink the milk of another mammal.  Unless you’re a cat and you adopt a baby ferret, it is not okay.


Most of us, including myself have been raised on the milky viscous sputum from the pink hairy stomach nipples of our 900 pound friends, but today I say no more.  With the fiscal-cliff threat of doubling the cost of milk and the recent discovery of its bloody content, I say it’s time to wean yourself away from it.  I’ve been drinking Soy or Almond Milk for several years now and I have to admit, I have used “cow” milk in certain recipes, but not anymore!  Almond milk for instance, has the same calcium equivalents of cow milk and it also provides just as much vitamin D! Tastes better too!

Not only are our bovine friends mass-milked, they also suffer hours in all kinds of inclement of weather.  They are forced to stand with little to no room to move and they don’t get to rest which leads to the release of stress toxins that seep into the meat and the milk, add that to the cocktail of super drugs they get laced with and you get a nation full of angry 12 year old middle school girls that wear a 38C.


I have also learned that, when milking cows are left outdoors at night, they are fodder for blood-sucking bats!

Vampire Bats, these rabid flying rodents feed abundantly on the ‘utter-meat’ of chain bound cows without interruption.  Their ravenous appetite for blood has shown them to feed for hours on not just the exposed utters of cows but the neck, ears and basically the entire cow.


Who’s monitoring this? Who’s making sure that rabies doesn’t get into the cows bloodstream then into your coffee or your baby’s bottle, through its polluted milk?  The Vampire Bat’s saliva has an anticoagulant substance that keeps the blood from clotting so; after the bats stop feeding the cows continue to bleed until the blood clots on its own…Damn that’s gross.



What about BLEACHING?  “In commercial dairies, the benefits of pasteurization (safety) are seen to outweigh the drawbacks (taste, possible health benefits). But to those people who are concerned about the dairy industry’s additives such as antibiotics, growth hormones, and even bleach (to whiten the milk), the entire commercial dairy industry begins to seem, well, yucky.”

Bleach makes all of that puss and blood white.  Yes, you heard me (or read this) right!

There are skin-lightening techniques that use milk…umm, that mean there’s a bleaching agent inside the stuff you pour over your corn flakes or feed to your kids.

If you ever want the Vybz Cartel look, help yourself to a milk bath!

So, with all of their commercials and their little fake mustaches, milk doesn’t do a body good, but a terrible and risky disservice to human health and wellbeing.

The next time you go to grab a carton of milk…


Imagine if the there was a farm for milking humans’, using women to supply the world’s children with highly recommended breast milk?

What’s wrong with that? It truly sustains us and nourishes us when we come into the world; it can’t be that bad on your Wheaties.

I’m sure there would be some bloodied and bruised boobies somewhere after being stuck on an udder machine all day.

That would make it seem unnatural & unethical to humans.  So, drinking animal milk is natural and ethical?

Well, if that’s how you feel about it.

You can keep milking that cow, the best way you know how!