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192l1ncf5l2yqjpgHow odd it is for me, a man raised on southern style cooking, to say ditch the seasoning? Well, this by no means is to say that it’s okay to enjoy the blandness of a mayonnaise “only” potato salad brought in by one of your co-workers. We’ve all been there; right? That will never be okay. Anyway, this is a personal exploratory moment for me to see where it will take me in my home based culinary career.

I’ve made the foray into cooking with only salt and pepper. After getting some great professional advice, I’ve ditched the dry, tinder worthy, bottled seasonings and have gone back to the first two seasonings that I was taught to use. About those other seasonings; let’s admit, some of them could give old sawdust a run for its money, let alone the dehydrating loads of sodium found in some of them.

There’s nothing wrong with using seasonings to flavor your foods, but once you get an appreciation for the natural flavor of foods enhanced with simple salt and pepper, you may be able to pick up what I’m putting down.

Iodized. Kosher. Pink Himalayan. There are dozens if not hundreds of different variations of salt products that we consume. I personally am not a fan of hypertension inducing iodized salt however, when used in safe and reasonable amounts it brings out very satisfactory flavors to any dish. I prefer Pink Himalayan Salt; sounds like a mouthful, it will certainly give you a mouthful of flavor and in healthy amounts is healthier than table salt.

More info on different types of Salts:

Black. Peppercorn. Rainbow Peppercorn. Pepper, in its many variations is known as the ‘Master Spice’, you really can’t go wrong with pepper unless you use too much of it. Pepper adds a sense of exoticism to your meal, a slight bite of heat and the best combination to go with any salt; pepper is as diverse in its flavor scale as it is in its variety.

For the Pepper lovers:

If you are serious about cooking as I am – experiment! Try it out, taste it, see how much flavor you can get out of the foods that you’re preparing. Don’t hide them, highlight them. Read the contents of your Lawry’s Season salt or your Italian Seasoning Mix; try to find and use the real plants that make up those spices to add zest and zeal to your favorite meals.


CT aka Chef J. Strongbow