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A Moment of Clarity-

An indescribable freedom came over me over the last few days; No Facebook and like James Brown, “I Feel Good!” Actually, I’m feeling great. It’s been nearly a decade since I first signed on (plugged in) and going without Facebook, has been liberating to say the least.

Why did I need this break?
There’s so much shit on Facebook that it was making my head feel like shit. From “expert” opinions on race, sex, marriage, relationships and society, to “experts” on Blackness, police policy, holistic practices, community work and child rearing and psychology; I had to step away for more than just personal reasons. I may or may not be talking about people on my super-duper-long list of “friends” on Facebook but, if the shoe fits, then by God, wear it! My news feed, flooded with foolishness, people posting fights amongst women, children and men while someone stands by and records the abuse. Overnight revolutionaries, trying to tell me, how to and why I should protest or why I should go to a rally or why I should lay down in the middle of the street or why I should hold hands with the same people that would oppress me IF they switched sides and had the power to do so. My inbox, raided with vitriol because I’m not aligning myself with certain movements or causes. I get questions about this and that and why I feel this and why I think that; people trying to get at me through cyberspace yo – feels like their fishing.

Speaking of cyberspace, a part of the disconnect that most of us are suffering despite the connectivity that soc/med is supposed to bring us, is the fact that we are connected to machines that put the world in our hands. Cell phones, laptops, tablets and personal computers, aid in disconnecting humans from humans. The advances in technology are great, despite the role they play in tearing us apart. At concerts, the artists ask that you “put up your cell phones” to mimic the days of when people put up lighters for their favorite songs. Or when you’re at dinner with family, friends or a fiancée and everyone are on their phones, while the food gets cold. We spend more time looking down into our palms than into the faces of the people we say that we love and care about. I’m not above my own reprimand, I’m guilty of the same offense, but I vow to improve my personal interactions, while toning down some digital ones.

There’s a sense on Facebook of care-less-ness, in all aspects. People care less about the success of other people; their dreams, ideas or plans. People are careless with information they put on Facebook and are just messy with their actions and behaviors. Not everyone will be as supportive as some of us are, the question is why not? Why is it such a big deal to show love, support or even donate to people you know and claim to care about? Facebook, in my opinion has either 1) Exposed people for who they really are or 2) Exposed people for who they really are! As a society that’s plugged into Facebook, we’ve become some truly non-caring folks. We turn to Facebook to remember birthdays. We turn to Facebook to get the word on the street. We turn to Facebook to judge people. We turned to Facebook to avoid reality. There are very few genuine things on Facebook and I’m sure that most of us, if we think that way can count them on one hand. Everything else is fodder for foolishness.

It’s hard to avoid the idiot box (TV), when people clog the news feed with Scandal, Housewives, BET or anything else that I feel is bad for me. Not to say it’s bad for you, but, does the whole world need to know the play-by-play of a TV show that you are watching in your home? Aren’t there groups dedicated to that crap where you could post, share and cackle about it? This year so far, I have turned off notifications and have un-followed so many people because of the BS they post. If there’s one thing that Facebook offers that I enjoy, it’s that feature. This way I can narrow it down to who I want to see and who I don’t want to see. Personal preference, I’m just saying. I don’t want to see your Videos, Vines or Vimeos! Notice how those all start with V!?



Just because YOU are into something doesn’t mean that I have to be into it as well. We all have different streams of thought, different thought processes, we don’t have to believe what you believe and vice-versa, the problem is folks are too damn sensitive. I’ve said this before, Facebook has created whine-babies, that take everything personally and instead of discussing it like men/women, they run away. Hiding on your friends list just so they can stay connected to you for whatever reason they choose to stick around.

Facebook has turned us against each other, pitting one mind versus the other, degreed people versus non-degreed people. Black versus White, Male versus Female, Citizens versus Cops and Truth tellers versus Liars. I’ve been free to think for myself without being negatively influenced by what I see on Facebook. I see cliques and clubs, thinkers and thugs, starving artists and some who are just starving for attention. I see anger, frustration, sadness and bliss, things to make me think and things to make me sick. Where’s the old social media that I used to know? This medium was a great connector of old friends and connecting with new ones. I’ve been able to connect with schoolmates from elementary school and disconnect with friends that I grew up with. Is Facebook to blame for the people we have become? I’m not sure, but, there is a powerful influence that determines our lives that comes from our interaction with Facebook. You can tell when you’re talking to someone and they are telling you something important and then finish by saying, “Oh, you didn’t see it, I posted it on Facebook.” (GTFOH)

I’ve heard several people say, “It’s not official until it’s on Facebook!” How many times have you heard that? This is some of the reasons as to why I’m unplugging and or monitoring my time and the content I consume while participating on Facebook. No longer will my life and time be wasted wantonly staring at a news feed that is feeding me news of pain, death, destruction and distaste. If I wanted that, I could just watch TV.

Facebook has been the biggest disservice to society it has:
1. Destroyed relationships
2. Destroyed friendships
3. Destroyed caring
4. Destroyed love
5. Destroyed us

It has also created Facebook thugs, Facebook know-it-alls, Facebook killers, Facebook bullies, women haters, men haters, gay haters, straight haters, haters, haters, haters!!!

Intelligent conversation need not apply. (Save a few of us) Personalized expert opinion is the new norm. We take and accept information because it’s given loudly and with boisterous intent. Social skills are lost in the banter and guilt-free rhetoric, no one knows how to hug or love or care anymore. People are too scared to speak up or voice their opinions because they don’t want to loose [sic] friends…on Facebook and the only qualified voice is the one that is quantified with degrees. (Not)

We have to be aware (beware) that there are forces out there that instigate our frustrations at each other. There are people (agents) in place to disrupt the basics of our minds by implanting lies that MIGHT feel like truth but smell like shit. Agents that claim to love us then throw shade and bombs at us, talking badly about folks just because they disagree with their beliefs. Many have said, how can you blame Facebook for that? I just say, I can’t blame it on Facebook but, Facebook brings out the boogeyman in some of us. Facebook has become a platform for dispensing pain; instead of lying on a couch and talking to a therapist, we are the unwilling eyes to witness someone falling apart mentally and we tend to not care enough to check on a person who is crying out for help. We message back like, “you a’ight, you okay, you good?” Instead of just picking up the phone or going by to check on them. Facebook, or our laziness has desensitized us to the point of where we are too preoccupied to get off of our ass to spend time with the people we love. We would rather separate from them in order to avoid the responsibility of caring about them.

I don’t really mean to go off on a rant on anyone that may feel that I may be talking about them personally, I’m really not. I know Mr. or Mrs. Sensitivity, whose insecurity may get to them, may think I am but, truly I have better things to do than worry about you or your opinions of me. I’m just blogging about how turned-off I’ve become watching the behavior of people that are lost in the world of Facebook. I only ask that we do better since we know better. So for now, I’m unplugged and off Facebook, if you really want to find me, you know how.

Facebook is getting played out!