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I was on a week-long journey, a journey to find A Better Breakfast. Trying to eat better and to eat right.  What is eating better or eating right?  Let’s get to that later…

I’m a typical breakfast guy.  Eggs, Bacon (Turkey), Toast, Grit, Waffles, Pancakes and occasionally a drop of fruit are what usually make up my morning meal.  There are so many variations of the aforementioned grub it’s impossible to not find anything that will suit your palette.  My breakfast consists of three eggs, scrambled, with cheese, turkey bacon or sausage, toast or a burrito wrap.  This would be a quick and fast, easy and portable delicious start to me day.  However, after 25-45 minutes I would feel sluggish and sleepy, the “Itis” as it’s aptly named set in and sitting at a desk just hours after waking up is a bad mix and sometimes results in sleeping. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!

I joined a group on facebook that focuses on ‘No Meat for Once A Week’ and I chose Thursday to be my meatless day, I added another day to my week I actually on top of that, I wanted to try to improve my breakfast choices and to do that I’ve dropped my typical routine.


On a search for a healthier breakfast, I discovered the amazing Avocado! The Avocado is well loved by many people and I’ve added my name to its fan list.  Whether it’s sliced or mashed, it goes great with fresh tomatoes, multigrain bread and even eggs.


I have been eating clean every morning and here are some of my healthy creations.

As of the date that this blog was posted, I’ve discovered the delectable and filling peanut butter and banana sandwich for breakfast.  I use a nutty-multi-grain bread for that meal.  I’ve removed a couple of brands of Almond milk from my diet, due to chemical additives that don’t sit right with my soul, I’ve also continued with meatless mornings.


What is eating better?  Not eating the over-processed meats and fat heavy cheeses that come with egg sandwiches from places like Dunkin Donuts or local mom and pop eateries.

Eating better with the idea that you are eating for nutritional purposes and not just to fill your stomach, to satisfy taste buds and our ravenous false-famines when it comes to foods.

What is eating right?  Eating the right things and not the wrong things.  Most of us are capable of making the right decisions when presented with choice.  Sometimes we do make the right ones when no one is looking and for that we deserve praise.  Choosing to eat fruits and vegetables over meats and cheeses, is a way to eat right.  It may not be for you; why not?  You don’t have to eat what I eat but, you can watch what you eat and decide if all of that extra stuff is good for you.

I just wanted to share and I hope you get inspired and try to find healthier options so you can have A Better Breakfast.