iHeart Objectification

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Hi, my name is Beyoncé and I approve your labels.

Here we are again.  We forage for the fodder that is Beyoncé.  Hungry for controversy, she feeds us a healthy dose of WTF and we devour it.

Having half-dressed, wet, women on grand stages, entertaining us, has become the norm for America. Hell, why not? It’s been done over and over and over and over and over again but now….It’s reaching a boiling point, where little girls want to be Beyoncé. They want the look, the body, the glamour and glitz and sadly the objectification that it comes with.

What do we do as parents?

As a Father of all boys, I hope that I don’t have to worry about them growing into a world with a different set of life rules when it comes to females and how they are viewed.  I have to do my part of course and I already have these conversations with my eighteen year old about the clothes that some of the girls his age are wearing and the things that they are doing with their young bodies. At the rate things are going now, how can anyone have respect for females when they are celebrated for doing things that show them in a lesser light.

Do we sit back and allow it because it’s ONLY entertainment and dumb it down because, it’s only kinda-lewd and it’s only T.V.?

We have such a double-standard in society.  We praise our First Family and adore them for being so regal, clean and qualified and perfect and we say things like that’s how I want my family to be….Then we acclaim shows about left-behind ex-wives, women that are cruel to each other, over-pampered and over-tolerated, spoiled celebrities that share their pre-recorded lives with us and then we have Beyoncé; dripping wet and dancing in the misogynistic mist of our male dominated culture.

Objectification is a long word and it’s not used often in the mainstream but, it still holds strength in circles of proud, self-respecting women that stream the internet with blogs about how out of order the state of womanhood is and how ‘good or bad’, image is everything. It’s a word that I hold on to when I need to pull it out because someone thinks seeing a woman as an object, is cool. Then there are the women that are proud of Beyoncé and how she’s a DivaBossChick and Jay-Z is PAID, so it’s alright, it’s cool, it’s just music. How is it that these same bastions of feminist theorists, comfortably criticize women in rap videos and applaud Bey for flaunting the same imagery?

What’s the difference?

To this writer, Beyoncé is being used to blight the minds of young people, while using herself to push a sex-crazed or drunk-in-love, music industry product that sells young women’s dreams to the highest bidder in the name of entertainment, money and sexual objectification.


1924 Josephine Baker, The Chocolate Dandies

She’s a canvas for negative projection, a modern day Josephine Baker; a willing participant in her own objectification and unlike in the 1920’s, little girls weren’t trying to be like her and were likely shielded from her images.  They had parents that kept their kids in check, today there are no rules and somewhere, a mother is twerking and strip dancing in front of her children.

“Hello NASA, I’d like two tickets to the Moon please!”


  1. Nomzi Kumalo says:

    Interesting points there. It is tough. Mothers twerking and strip dancing in front of their children… horrifying. We as parents have to set the example. ” When you know better, you do better.” Maya Angelou.

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