Black and White and Red All Over

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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A lot of people are pretty angry and upset about recent events that have climbed out of the fib we call post-racial America.  Even Russia, has gotten into the act.

The 2014 weekend dedicated to the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was filled with “The Dream” and the “Dreamers.” Millions reveled in Martins’ dream of a world without racism, hatred and bigotry. A day we remember the love and compassion that he had for our “Sick White brothers.” A time when we sing Happy Birthday, Stevie style and watch old movies with Paul Winfield.  At a time when we are usually discussing the ugly historical past of the USA, we are now talking about it’s extremely ugly present.

Racism was on full force over the last few days, nationally and internationally. We either have a long way to go or we have nowhere else to go.  So, I have put together a few short thoughts (thank goodness) about a few of the happenings from this past weekend.

Zip it!

1. Idiotica

Madonna calls her son a ‘nigga’ and the world goes crazy. I know that the word has been used negatively towards Black people but, why does it only have to apply to us? Who said that she can’t call him that? Why are people making such a big deal?
Black people have been apt to call each other and themselves that every day and it’s regarded as just something that we do. To top it off Madge used the same BS defense of the word that rappers use by saying “it’s a term of endearment” to justify its use. Oh, and of course she’s not a racist, she has black children and has been with black men; guess that makes it easier to accept?

I don’t think so.

There may be pockets of people in the AA community, that say that they have “buried the N word” and have taken its power away, nonetheless it’s stronger than ever because it’s being used by whites against whites and it has reared its ugly letters in all of our faces again.

Really Mom??

Really Mom??

The Barbershops in the hood laughs at what Madonna said while Supercuts on Main Street, cringes in horror. Whites are okay with it as long as it stays in the field with us but when ‘nigga’ is applied to white skin, it encroaches on their culture and entitlement, White America is not having it and I can’t blame them.

Thanks to the Material Girl for bringing an immaterial word back to mainstream media!



2. This Richard, is not a Dick

There is a great article about the Richard Sherman situation. The situation of which, shouldn’t be a situation at all but, Blacks and Whites alike are saying really stupid things about this man. This is the fault of the NFL; they’ve tried to turn these athletes, these men, these football field slaves.  Into quiet, docile, good little boys, while ignoring the essence of the athlete and the warrior spirit that they have within them.  That being said, the internet tough guys and Klansmen, came out from underneath their cyber rocks to let everyone know just how upset and angry they were about Mr. Sherman and his antics.  Instead of taking the loss like champs, the chumps flocked to twitter and facebook and whatever form of social media they could get their grubby sticky fingers on to call him all kinds of names from “nigga, nigger, monkey, ape” and other colorful expletives.

I applaud Richard Sherman personally for expressing himself in a way that seems befitting of a MAN that just won a WAR. The NFL and the NBA suppresses and punishes BLACK MEN for expressing themselves in victorious manner on the field and court and have them on even tighter leashes, excuse me nooses, off the field. They can’t celebrate, they can’t stare, they can’t gesture and they’re not allowed to release that energetic-joy that comes from victory.


Credit: Greg Howard on Deadspin

It’s enough to make a man explode and release an epic Sherman-sized, conquering Negro rant right in the face of America.


Get out of that seat and have several others!

3. Sitting on the Black of the Day

Oh My Osiris!

There is a picture of a Russian magazine editor of Garbage, I mean Garage magazine and is the girlfriend of Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich, who put her tiny bottom on a chair cushion that is strapped to what appears to be a submissive Black female (mannequin) This garbage attempt at artistic expression, has the real world and the fashion world in an uproar. This image destroys so many Women’s Lib philosophies about feminine freedom and the abolishment of the  objectification of womanhood as a whole. In this patriarchal society, women are placed underneath the booted-heel of a male-dominated system, so why would a woman contribute to that and ignite a fire with the African diaspora and those that support it throughout the world?  On Martin Luther King Day at that! The timing couldn’t have been more “planned” as I feel that this was a distasteful tactic to fuel anger and hatred; what else were they expecting?  I’m sure they don’t celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King wherever Ms. Zhukova-Miroslava Duma is from however, I’m sure that someone, somewhere knows that in America we were in the middle of celebrating a Black Man Publicly and Nationally, they were very wrong to publish something like this on this day or any day for that matter.

January 2014 has certainly been an unashamedly racist beginning to the New Year.  Let’s see what Black History Month brings us.

  1. Very, very well written and insightful, bruh! Richard Sherman is getting a little taste of what many before him have experienced… Jack Johnson, Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, Muhammad Ali, Bill Russell… all were tagged as “uppity” “arrogant” and such terms. I loved it when Carl Lewis told the press, “if I were white, I’d be considered ;proud'”. As for the ‘chair’ I have no words. As Russians move into the hood throughout the USA…. initially as tenants and re-emerging as landlords, why wouldn’t they have contempt for us?

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