I Blog 2 Much

Posted: January 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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See! I’m blogging again and I think that may be a problem. I’ve become a BLOGGING addict and I’ve tried to spread its innocuous venom to friends, family and other bloggers.

I recently read an article about ‘Quality over Quantity’ and while I totally overstand that, I like to believe that we can “Win, Win” with both approaches, “Quantity & Quality.”

There are tons of bloggers and writers’ in general, that write and write and write and while we may love their scribing frequency, we get lost in lack of reading enjoyment because the content sucks.

By no means do I believe that I have gotten by without any of my blogs sucking or have drifted over rookie mistakes and writing errors that new bloggers make.  Nor do I think that my blogs are some of the best blogs out there…I know they are because they are my thoughts and my feelings and if it’s not my best then I wouldn’t share it with the rest. Confidence, is important in other aspects of life; why not blogging?

Understanding the context of your content is important and if it’s not for everybody then it’s not for everybody. Writers’ love feedback. I am a feedback junkie and if I don’t get likes or comments, I get antsy not angry.  I check my stats all of the time, hoping that I get just one like or a comment. It’s not a necessity but, it shows me that I’ve reached someone that thought my blog was worth reading.  People, who talk and write, talk and write because they want to be heard; I want to be heard.

I see other bloggers post blogs and get hundreds of likes within minutes and I’m enviously happy for them. I wonder how much work they had to put in to amass such a following. Do I need a niche? Do I need to write about specific things and cater to a specific crowd? That’s the issue with society; we like to compartmentalize everyone and everything. Why not be a writer for the sake of writing and not limiting ourselves to one flavor of ice cream.

I like to write about lots of subjects from Soul Train to Tuna Melts to Confederate flags, I’m opinionated but I like to give a fair assessment of the things I write about. Life is too complex and exciting to lock ourselves into a specific genre unless that’s what you want.  Actors complain about it all the time about how they don’t want to be “type casted” and only get roles that involve the same theme or characters.

Read the following quote:

The richest and greatest place on Earth is the graveyard. It’s full of people, who never acted on their dreams, because they were too shy and too comfortable, their dreams are buried with them. It contains projects that have never been done, books that have never been written, ideas that have never been shared and songs that haven’t been heard.

Let’s not go to our graves without sharing our ideas and writing our songs.

A lot of people shy away from the responsibility that words carry. We can say damaging things or uplifting things. I prefer to be on the upside. Sometimes the info works for people, sometimes it may not however, I still did my part in sharing what was in my heart and using cyberspace to peacefully spread my thoughts and how I process things. I am proud to be a part of the “multi-author blog” society and to be knows as a Multi-Blog Author.

I wear many hats and know a little bit about everything, I think we all do, some of us just blog about it!

Write On!


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  2. I often wonder the same things, as I have many subjects that I blog about as well. I am going to research this further.

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