The Corners Are A Refuge For Wayward Clumps Of Cheese

Posted: January 14, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Over 20 years ago, a friend of mine and I were out playing basketball. We played for hours under the hot summer sun. After we’d shed some weight and got a few shades darker, we took a break and went into the house to grab something to drink. We didn’t go for the water, no, we went for the red drink.

I stood there panting, patiently waiting but begging silently for my drink.  Finally, I took a sip. I took another sip. As I took my final sip, a clump of leftover mashed potatoes that had been stuck at the bottom of the tall glass thumped against my lip! I was traumatized and sick to my stomach at the thought that I had been drinking residue from last night’s leftovers because my friend didn’t wash the cup properly. Til this day, I still razz on him about that and we get a good chuckle out of it, eventually my stomach starts to hurt all over again.

Traumatized and many years later, I am a stickler and a certified rage machine when it comes to dirty dishes.  I can’t stand dirty dishes and I do not want anyone to ever have to go through what I went through, trust me you don’t want to.

With that being said…
I don’t mind washing dishes because; I know they’ll be clean.

Now, I don’t like to wash dishes when it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas or any holiday that draws together more people than an average household, more food than usual and requires the good China. If it’s a pan, a pot, silverware, come cups and containers, I’m good anything more; the dishwasher has to come into play.

When I was dishes, I usually fill the sink, soap it up, and grab a washcloth (no sponges) hot water and an obsessive intent to clean the dishes. I scrub, I rinse, I inspect.

This evening, I was washing dishes and I covered my normal routine, rinsed the dishes off inspected them and what did I find…Remnants of cheese; stuck in the corners of a dish. Now, I had been very thorough with the cloth, using my fingers to dig out what I had seen earlier in the dish and in my mind the dish was CT clean, but somehow in the deep recesses there was a glob of wet soapy cheese that was hanging in there and wouldn’t let go.

That’s when my OCDishes kicked in and I went to town on it again. One corner, cheese. The next corner, cheese. I had somehow missed every corner of the dish in my first wash and was about to leave it in the strainer as such.

After another inspection, I was able to confidently place the squeaky-clean dish in the strainer to dry.

A word of advice to the dishwashers out there, be thorough and aware, check your corners; you never know what leftover may decide to stay left over.



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