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What are emotions? In psychology and philosophy, emotion is a subjective, conscious experience characterized primarily by psycho-physiological expressions, biological reactions, and mental states.

In other words, FEELINGS.

As the two common words share nearly the same meaning, they are two different experiences. Feeling is when you feel something is wrong (your spidey-sense) in an area and when we feel things with our fingers. For the sake of title continuity now, let’s deal with Emotions.

Emotions can get us in trouble. We tend to lose control of our emotions and make irrational decisions. It happens in relationships. It happens at work. It can happen at school. It happens, it’s LIFE. Sometimes we can’t control our emotions. We fight hard to maintain a sense of control when we are faced with something and no matter how hard it is and how hard we try; we still get up and get that ice cream bar at midnight. It’s okay, you’re simply human.

I was speaking with a friend the other day, a female friend and the subject of Female Emotion vs. Male Emotion, came up and I immediately rolled my eyes. “Here we go again”, I thought, another bloated diatribe about men and how dense we are emotionally. To my surprise, she understood that men are more logical than emotional. She wasn’t speaking for all men because according to her she knows some guys that are effeminate by proxy when it comes to expressing how they feel.

Women are emotional and are more prone to over-explain or over-question guys in regards to things that could be resolved quickly and peacefully, had the question or answer simply been given without all the wishy-washiness. When a woman has an issue that needs to be addressed she tends to drag it out into a tell-all-ask-all-tear fest montage of everything and every minute that led up to that particular moment.

When the police say, “Just the facts ma’am”, they are not trying to be out there all day or all night taking a hyper-emotional statement. Their writing pad is only so big.  So, I’m giving the fellas carte blanche to say, “Just the facts baby!” Please send thank you messages in my comment box.

Emotional men are rare to find. I would like to consider myself in tune with my emotional side because I’m a writer, a poet and a parent. Does this make me the easiest person to deal with? Not at all! I do claim to have emotions but, I don’t let my emotions have me. (sometimes) There are a few guys that aren’t so lucky. It could be due to upbringing? A man raised in a house of females will definitely express his feelings differently from a man who was not raised that way.

By no means am I saying that this is true in all cases but, in a lot of cases I’m sure it is. So, what’s an emotional man and what’s wrong with him? Absolutely nothing however, it does leave little to no room for logical problem solving skills which is important for most men to survive in today’s world. Men are the physically stronger species in terms of brute strength so allowing our emotions to run wild could result in people getting hurt or worse. We’d hurt ourselves socially and end up in roadside ditches more often than not.

Emotion is considered, “Reciprocally influential, with mood, temperament, personality, disposition and motivation.” It is also, “Influenced by hormones and is linked to behavioral tendency.” All of these ginormous explanations about emotions and feelings are making me emotional. Just a little bit.

Are women are overly emotional and over-the-top when it comes to expression? It could be part true but, that is just the nature of women and I don’t mean to generalize but, if the high-heel fits, rock that shit.

Guys, stop being a hairy ball of whiny gummy-gum drops when it comes to dealing with your issues and how you express how you feel about them. Stop talking, stop gossiping, and stop being what you complain about. Listen to your woman, process the information and be logically smooth with your responses. She’ll appreciate you for that.

Me thinks that there has to be an imperfect balance of emotional and logical representation in a relationship. Having two ‘EMO’ people bumping heads will lead to more headaches, fights and breakups. Not saying that women have to completely drop the whole emotionally-present thing but, just tone it down a little bit. Men are really not that complex, we hear, we listen, we process information differently. Losing control like an out of control baby carriage rolling down a hill, isn’t going to help you get the message you want to get across to your partner. Men like to get information straight, not around the corner, around the block with a stop at the corner store, up the stairs and into our ears.

We also hate being talked to loudly or yelled at, we’ve reserved that for the fellas.



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