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What do we mean by Reclaiming Our Youth?

Is it something we’ve lost? Did we hide it away as we grew into grow-ups? Where did it go, how did it end up missing from our lives? We all have responsibilities, like work and family, so we tend to forget and neglect the very thing that got us to where we are; our childhood, our youth.

There was a time in our lives when we cared the least about the world outside of the playground or the ball field. A time when double-dutch and hide-and-seek, tag, Kickball, Dodgeball and other backyard games were the glue that held our communities together. We want to bring that feeling back again!

Hike4Life in collaboration with Operation B Fit, created R.O.Y – Reclaim Our Youth. In conjunction with other community organizations, businesses and like-minded adults, we put together a festive event that was full of family, fun, energy and laughter; kickball, football, double-dutch, Frisbees, face painting and food. Exhibitors from all over, including Neighborhood Health Plan, Healthworks at Codman, Big Sisters (& Big Brothers) Association of Greater Boston as well as the Boston National Historic Parks and many others, were all on hand to support us and our mission:

“Our mission is to create an adult-cultured community which cultivates and sustains a youth-like approach to life that unites and empowers adults and children. We are creating positive lifestyle changes through participation in fun-filled activities and events, combined with exercise, nutrition & education. We serve our youth and reclaim our own.”

With this mission in our minds and in our hearts, we hope to create a revitalized culture of adults that knows that their best years are still ahead of them.

Reclaim Our Youth, has a double-meaning. We serve our youth and reclaim our own. We also reclaim our children and our neighbors children and all children in the community that need an active outdoor outlet and communal protection; we give them a safe place to run around, dig in the dirt and play games along with kids and adults they may have never met before. It’s not only adults that need salvaging. Together, we make this happen; together we can get back to the “villages” we were once raised in.

Whether you are a hiker, a fitness instructor, an arts enthusiast, a caterer, teacher, a poet or anyone that would like to relive the days of your youth, come out and play with us or we’ll stand outside of your window and scream your name ‘til you come out!!!


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