My Creational Muse

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Uncategorized


Channeling my creativity

To bring words from mind to fingers and my fingers to your eyes

I surprise myself, taking words and experience down from the shelf

Of life, in order to write, I write to create, to cause a stir

To blend it all together into scribbled blur.

Maybe she inspires me, prompts me to write the way I do

Prompts me to say the things the way I do

Maybe it’s the sun, with its power and beauty, the warmth of it soothes me

Nourishes my soul, I feel whole when under the sun

Do I write for fun, of course, finding ways to creatively curse

I swear…that this is bull excrement, trying to define the intent to reasons why I write

Maybe it’s just poetry season, maybe it’s that time of the month

My monthly period point blank, thank you for my muse,

Thank you for being you and allowing me to use you to amuse you

And to soothe you with words that move you, that is if you choose to listen.

The sun glistens on us as we dance in the sand, on the shore of tomorrow, never borrowing

Today to share in yesterday’s sorrow. Creation gives me inspiration, channeling imagination

Towards success my destination sharing all the information words we use to condemn nations

And words we use to seek salvation and end up with Creation.


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