BET: We Got You

Posted: March 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Nobody likes to “get got”.

To those that know me, I’m no fan or follower of BET (Black Entertainment Television). Do they still call it that?  It’s like KFC, they no longer call it Kentucky Fried Chicken, because they aren’t selling real chicken anymore and BET, suffice to say isn’t providing real entertainment. BOOM!

I haven’t seen anything to entertain my Blackness since Donnie Simpson said his green-eyed goodbye in 1997.  Wow, that’s a long time and an even longer time of dealing with these abysmal forms of inaptly-labeled entertainment.  Disasters like Lil’ Wayne and Gucci Mane and countless others, bog our minds down with noise, not music, noise that tramples our brains with thick-soled shoes and they want to call that shit Hip Hop.  So, BET: We Got You!  It’s the new slogan that basically says, “We have you roped in, you will listen to the crap we play and you will enjoy it because you have no choice in the matter, your thoughts, actions, words and your soul belong to us!”

Maybe, they just got you?  You know like, they got your back or they got that $50 you need for the store, or they can babysit the kids.  That kind of “got you”, or it could be the other kind of “got”. Nobody likes to get “got”.  You hear about dudes turning the wrong corner and they meet up with the wrong group of people and they get got, it’s usually something unfavorable.  Or, speeding down the street and you don’t see the police but they see you; so you just got “got”. So maybe it’s a bad choice of 3 words. 3 words?  “We Got You”, BET has 3 letters, BET was sold for 3 billion dollars, the devils number is 666 which are 6 3’s, oh my God, BET is the Devil!  (Play along with me here.)

In essence, that is what its saying.  There are young males and females and grown men and women, who rush to get home to herd around the TV to catch whatever is playing on BET.  The only show that I hear about is 106 & Park or maybe The Game?  Who knows and who cares!?  There’s nothing like the old days when BET was educational, informative, truly entertaining and our favorite channel on Cablevision.

At the time BET was purchased from Bob Johnson, Viacom was owned by Rupert Murderer (Murdoch) who owns FOX so you know that there was no intent of maintaining anything of quality for Black people on BET, with that 3 billion dollar purchase, we the people lost our strongest most positive media exchange.  Now all we have are 24 hours of music videos featuring tight-pants, legging-wearing misogynistic males, half-naked, wide-hipped women and sex and drug addicted teenagers.  Amazing what the almighty and the all-dirty dollar can make people do.  The main things that are represented on BET are the worst things that are destroying the minds of our people, the spirit in and around our communities and the perceptions of us to others all around the world.

BET ain’t got me, has it got you?


  1. hotmesslife says:

    I love this!!!!! I feel the same way 🙂

    And how gramatically incorrect can you be to have your slogan be “We got you”?!.

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