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“Bill Gates dropped out of college. Steve Jobs started in a garage. Les Brown was born a floor, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve what you believe.” ~ CT

What inspires you?

We all tend to forget sometimes what it is that inspires us. There is something that has driven you to where you are today; what is it? Family, career, my blog page, what makes you happy?

Are you there? Hello!

Oh, there you are, took you a while to answer the question. In my opinion, if what makes you happy can’t be answered within seconds of the question, you don’t understand happiness. If you aren’t happy with yourself on the inside, there isn’t anything externally that can possibly make you happy. Only a façade of happiness and that’s not a good way to live.

I guess the proper question of this blog should have been; what motivates you towards success? We all want to know the secrets of success, the secret powers that very successful people have. We tend think they have been blessed with the holiest of oils or are themselves divine creatures or we tend to believe that they haven’t had to work a hard-day in their lives. O’ how far from the truth we are if we think that way.   The most successful of us, want to be successful, they want it, they’re hungry and they aspire to work hard to get what they want. They receive what they believe.

Like the popular Gatorade slogan: Is it in you?

Are you inspired by successful people that are around you? Does the energy of someone that you are close to rub off on you and does it charge you towards the things that you want to do? We are (if we allow) surrounded by people that are living inspirations. They have stories to share that you may have never heard; show you things you may have never seen. Many people are inspired by their parents or role models, which are hard to come by these days. So I think its best that we become our own role models. This is all opinion and I know some may say that’s just way too vain, to look to oneself for inspiration.  Wouldn’t that make using someone else for inspiration and motivation a strange form of idol worship? I’m not sure but, I’m comfortable with where I am and what inspires me. What that is, well, we can get to that in the end. Right now, this is about what inspires you.

Say out loud what inspires you, what or who drives you? Talk about it, share it with others, if it inspires you why not someone else? Spread the wealth and keep that energy going.

The success of others is great motivation, so is money. I’m finding that out thanks to those that understand their money and what it’s supposed to do for you. Understanding how it works and how to manage it, has motivated me to be a better money-manager for myself. I’m learning the need to get it as often as I can especially as I grow towards my greatness; somebody has got to feed me.

I’m inspired by, “The Morning.” I am a morning person; I can wake up, get up and be happy. The morning is good inspiration because it means that you made it from yesterday to today and today is what you should be living for.  Don’t forget to prepare for tomorrow just in case you make it!  Life – is the force-multiplier of all things inspirational. If you can read my blog you have it, if I can write it, I have it. If we can look out of our windows, open them up and breathe the crisp air, we have life. We only get one player in this game. Of course we get power-ups and gain different skills along way but, if we don’t live the one that we have to the fullest, we might as well be dead.  There’s no continue button and you can’t put in anymore quarters to restart this thing.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” ~ Steve Jobs

Get Your Life…










Nobody likes to “get got”.

To those that know me, I’m no fan or follower of BET (Black Entertainment Television). Do they still call it that?  It’s like KFC, they no longer call it Kentucky Fried Chicken, because they aren’t selling real chicken anymore and BET, suffice to say isn’t providing real entertainment. BOOM!

I haven’t seen anything to entertain my Blackness since Donnie Simpson said his green-eyed goodbye in 1997.  Wow, that’s a long time and an even longer time of dealing with these abysmal forms of inaptly-labeled entertainment.  Disasters like Lil’ Wayne and Gucci Mane and countless others, bog our minds down with noise, not music, noise that tramples our brains with thick-soled shoes and they want to call that shit Hip Hop.  So, BET: We Got You!  It’s the new slogan that basically says, “We have you roped in, you will listen to the crap we play and you will enjoy it because you have no choice in the matter, your thoughts, actions, words and your soul belong to us!”

Maybe, they just got you?  You know like, they got your back or they got that $50 you need for the store, or they can babysit the kids.  That kind of “got you”, or it could be the other kind of “got”. Nobody likes to get “got”.  You hear about dudes turning the wrong corner and they meet up with the wrong group of people and they get got, it’s usually something unfavorable.  Or, speeding down the street and you don’t see the police but they see you; so you just got “got”. So maybe it’s a bad choice of 3 words. 3 words?  “We Got You”, BET has 3 letters, BET was sold for 3 billion dollars, the devils number is 666 which are 6 3’s, oh my God, BET is the Devil!  (Play along with me here.)

In essence, that is what its saying.  There are young males and females and grown men and women, who rush to get home to herd around the TV to catch whatever is playing on BET.  The only show that I hear about is 106 & Park or maybe The Game?  Who knows and who cares!?  There’s nothing like the old days when BET was educational, informative, truly entertaining and our favorite channel on Cablevision.

At the time BET was purchased from Bob Johnson, Viacom was owned by Rupert Murderer (Murdoch) who owns FOX so you know that there was no intent of maintaining anything of quality for Black people on BET, with that 3 billion dollar purchase, we the people lost our strongest most positive media exchange.  Now all we have are 24 hours of music videos featuring tight-pants, legging-wearing misogynistic males, half-naked, wide-hipped women and sex and drug addicted teenagers.  Amazing what the almighty and the all-dirty dollar can make people do.  The main things that are represented on BET are the worst things that are destroying the minds of our people, the spirit in and around our communities and the perceptions of us to others all around the world.

BET ain’t got me, has it got you?


Mr. Nice Guy

It appears that I’m just too nice and too giving of my wit and wonder to too many undeserving people.  I mean, is it really that hard to reciprocate the kind warm and fuzzy gestures of kindness to one that gives it all to you?  Let’s see…apparently it is.  I get it readers, things don’t always go according to plan; my life for one, is a big joke to the more accomplished and yet I parry on through each day.  Thinking that because I’m smart, (I don’t know everything but, I know a little bit about everything) I’m wordy, witty as I mentioned earlier and I have all of these feel good sayings and quotes bouncing around inside of me like a library-strain of bacteria that finds its way into my brain and is transmitted by talking, that I’m going to make it through life because I’m a nice person…Puleeeze!

Whew…that was a mouthful, almost a long run on sentence but, with proper punctuation it saves your brain the headache of processing what I just said, in short.

I’m too nice, nice baby, sung to the tune of a bad 90’s rap song, I stake my case.

The age old question, why do good guys finish last?  Is it because we are soft, are we weak, do we have something written on our faces that says; “Punch here?”  Well I know that I don’t but, it seems that my kindness exudes effervescent weakness.  I am an outdoor person, I like trees and I hug them often, I am about world peace and community etc, etc, etc does that mean that I don’t know how to bang, or that I will turn the other cheek when presented with attack?  Or does the nice guy in today’s cruel world just allow women, men, children and local officials to stomp all over him and his good name?  Maybe, that’s expected, maybe, it’s what these people think is going to happen when they cross that line?  Boy, do I have something in store for them.

When a woman is born a little girl, does her mother teach her to reach for the stars or Band-Aids to hide her scars?  I don’t think any mother or father would want for her daughter the things she wants for herself these days.  Thug, Bad Boy, Trouble-Maker, Trinidad James, – today’s female seems to want and even enjoy being around lesser-men or the lesser kind of male that can be regarded as a statistic on the negative end of the social spectrum.  She wants a male that will put his hands on her and show her who is boss or even someone that isn’t a happy-go-lucky-kinda guy and she definitely doesn’t want a tree-hugger. That’s where I come in.

I’ve had my run-ins with the Law, (yes Sears security does count.)  I have a tattoo, I got mad kids; I have all these potential bad boy things going on but, I’m just not that guy.  I don’t know if I’m the good guy I think I am sometimes but, from the looks of my criminal record, it’s blanker than a face on Botox, I’m a model citizen.  I find love here and there, I have a good network of friends but, I’m just too nice and sometimes even the ones that love you, tend to trod on your face and heart every once in a while. People want to walk around with me in public with screwed up faces or people don’t want to talk to me cause of something I did or didn’t do, c’mon son, really…it’s that bad boo-boo?  I don’t think so, CT don’t play that.

You have two legs, two arms, eyes and ears and you want to walk around thinking somebody owes you something.  No one owes you anything; you owe yourself some time to yourself in the corner, now sit down and be quiet.

All this assertiveness is making me thirsty.

Maybe it’s my gentle exterior?

Violence doesn’t always solve the problem of being nice but, it aids in knocking that truth into someone’s head.  Words can only carry you so far young Skywalker, it’s time to use some of that Force Daddy V’s been telling you about.  Of course I’m not saying that Mr. Nice Guy should put his hands on anyone, let’s just push them down real hard and blame it on gravity.

Now, is she upset because of something you did? NO! It’s about circumstances beyond his control, a breakdown in materials, a physical deterioration of something that has absolutely nothing to do with you and how you show love, share a friendship or spend time in a relationship with them but…………..They use this as a moment to shut the front door, to shut you out of their lives, just because they are upset.  Suddenly, they don’t know how to talk to you, suddenly they don’t want to talk to you, and all they want to do is roll up in a corner and be angry at the world, get outta here with that.

Today, my horoscope was interesting, it went on and on about my emotions and how I need to establish clear boundaries.  Well, since I’m coming from the heart on this blog, I guess the boundaries that have already been set, have come crashing down.  I don’t want to get to the point of “no more Mr. Nice Guy” but, I will not let negativity ruin my life just because someone has allowed it to ruin theirs.  So, I will work on distinguishing other people’s feelings from my own and stay empathetic but guarded, like hot sauce at a Southern Chicken house.  I don’t like living with my guard up, it’s like having my dukes up, waiting for someone to throw punches at me, I’ll just dodge and hit them with a kidney shot to stop them.  Oh, you didn’t know nice guys know where to hit where it hurts, yeah we do, it’s from years of being hit ourselves.

Nice guys never finish last in my story!