Poor Republicans

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I don’t mean that as “awww poor republicans” I mean it as broke, poor, bottom of the barrel, welfare receiving, food stamp feeding republicans!  I hear so many lower class and middle class republicans complain about democrats and our President and it irks me to think that these people think that they don’t benefit from what Barack Obama plans to do.  He wants to strengthen the middle class, which means that middle class democrats and republicans will benefit.  That means that, if your minimum wage republican ass is working at Wal-Mart, this administration is going to lower your taxes so that you don’t have to work 70hrs a week to make ends meet, so you don’t have to scratch and scrape to get by just the same as a person who votes democrat!











What also bothers me is that, these republicans are so filled with racial hatred for our president, and are so blinded by it, they don’t see or want to understand that if the republican congress gets its way or if Mitt Romney is elected, their taxes will go up and their rich and wealthy republican cohorts, will still pay less taxes than their secretaries.  How dumb and hateful can you be?  I hear Tea Party idiots claim that “the President doesn’t love America like we do”, who the hell is WE?  Oh, white Americans, that’s who she meant but didn’t want to say it obviously.  These tea-baggers are “all about fiscal responsibility”, yet they claim they are not anti-democrat or racists, so why do many of them carry around monkey signs and promote an anti-Obama agenda?  “Take this country back”, is what they’re saying, why don’t they say “balance the budget” which is what they claim they are fighting for…BS, they are nothing but the Klan without hoods that somehow got a hold of a calculator! (a solar one)

Anyway, President Obama is not the President for Democrats only, his implementations of programs and such, will benefit all working class Americans to ensure that we Middle Class folk, get a fair share in this country, that the poor have opportunities to get out of being poor and to strengthen the middle, the core of this country to get us out of debt and back to being the proud country this once was.  Could be rhetoric and political babble but, what else is new?

So, dear poor republicans, you don’t have to switch parties, but you have to switch who you’re voting for, don’t be blinded by hatred while you could see more money in your pocket and more opportunity for your children under the current occupant of the White House, who by the way is on the lease til 2017!




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