A VERY selective Viewing (2012 Oscars)

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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A Merry Maid!

Blog! O’ Blog, where have you been my old trusty Blog?  Hey, I’ve been off the blog tip for a couple of days now but, I think I’m back.

The Academy Awards…what a spectacle of shit.  Sorry, but not really.  Glitz and glam, all pomp and no circumstance (I usually use that term to describe people at my job but, I digress), in the real world people are dying and all we seem to pay attention to is how well someone welled up some fake tears or how good a gaping digital hole in someone’s body looked.

Can we poor folks borrow a dollar please….I just want to keep my lights on.

I do enjoy the movies but, at the same time, the realism that surrounds us regular people every day is worthy of greater recognition and not as important to me as who is a better actor or a better ‘pretender’ than the next.  Real tears, real struggles and real holes in people are a non-scripted problem in our society today.  Okay, I get it, we all need a break from reality sometimes but, what if movie fiction becomes our reality…Oh, wait it already has.

As I watched the show, there was so much money floating around the Kodak Theater in Hollywood I’m sure their combined cash could save the world or at least this part of it but, what’s important to them isn’t important to a little person like me and vice-versa.  For them, the caviar may be too salty, for regular folk, will I be able to feed my family tonight?

I have never really watched the Academy Awards before but, the fact that a couple of women of color were nominated this year, drew me to the exhibition.  Now, my mind isn’t color-coded but, I do support my own when it’s needed so don’t go calling nobody on me.  I’ll tell you in a minute.  Anyway; Yes, my bias reasoning for watching the Oscars was because two Black women were up for awards.  Guilty as charged!

The opportunity isn’t really there for Black actors or actresses so; it was a definite draw to the TV for me.  I felt I had to watch because usually when Black women or people in general are nominated for this ethnically-elusive award, it’s usually because the portrayed character is usually a criminal, a whore or some societal-destitute, in this case; Maids or mammies, whatever you want to call them.  These women were in subservient roles and played them very well to the standards of the house and the hands that wrote the story and for those that brought it to the big screen.  I also felt comfort knowing that I wouldn’t  have to worry about seeing any Madea movie clips!

Congratulations to Octavia Spencer for her win for supporting actress and for “The Natural” Ms. Viola Davis for going toe-to-Salvatore Ferragamo with megastar Meryl Streep, which is a great accomplishment all its own.

Still, there are complaints from within the Black community about this and that so, in the words of Hilly Holbrook “Shut Up Mother!”

Maybe if so many of us weren’t sitting in front of the TV so much, we’d have bigger things to worry about…like my next Blog 🙂


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