It’s Carnivaaaaal…

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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More Of This, Please!

More Of This, Please!

What a Mess …and I don’t mean that as a euphemism.  From half naked tweens to mud beaten streets, Caribbean Carnival Boston 2012 was certainly a treat, but more of an eyesore.

Its celebration time, wave your flags, jump around and get undressed? – Boston Carnival 2012 surely didn’t disappoint this blogger that always has his finger on the trigger.  The one day that Ladies can let everything they’ve worked for hang out, literally and where Males walk around with ‘saggin’ Capri’s, effeminate house slippers (with socks) and multi-colored sunglasses.

Now, I’m certainly not a hater but I am a concerned parent and citizen.  Our people are a mess.  Don’t we have a full year to wait before each Carnival; isn’t that enough time to get whipped into shape so that you don’t looked like whipped cream trapped in a too-tight body suit?  I mean, c’mon ladies, is it really that serious that you have to come to Carnival with butts hanging, boob swanging and just wrong in your festive presentation?  From 6 to 16, I saw female children dressed err, barely dressed in the skimpiest loosest pieces of clothes in my life.  It can’t be right to think that this is okay.  These young girls walking with “they mama ass” I mean, serious trunk sized booty parading up the street.  Why does the Caribbean Carnival bring out such displays?  I can already hear the moans and groans and complaints about this blog but, how can anyone defend it.  Is it me, is it okay to dress half naked in public, in the streets just to say, “Hey, I’m West Indian, look at my ass.”  I don’t think so.

Let’s talk about the Americans.  So, suddenly all of us are West Indian when Carnival comes around.  Is it because we still don’t have anything cultural to attach ourselves to, so like other events or holidays we cling to it and make it our own in a fake-the-funk kinda way.  Saw people reppin’ Jamaica hard, Trinidad, Barbados like crazy look, just because you eat the food, know the dances and respect the culture that does not make you that culture.  Represent fine, but don’t talk to me in an accent you didn’t have when we were standing at the water fountain talking about your 401K. I’ve gotten the, “Oh, my cousin is Jamaican or my uncle on mama daddy side was Trini” So, that makes it okay for you to waive a flag?  I guess it’s like celebrating Fourth of July and not really knowing why, just wanting to fit in or like I said earlier, attach to something else since we don’t have anything of our own to cling to.

From fresh fruit stands, dollar waters, food vendors, a shit-load of cops and a truck load of ass, the festival was more than I bargained for.  I wasn’t going to attend in the first place but, the call of the wild was loud and I was drawn to it, like Square One was the pied piper and I was a stray cat that kept being pulled in by the roving bass.  Many years passed since I’ve been to the Boston carnival, mainly, due to senseless violence but, I took a chance and steered clear of thickly settled areas.  The sights, I tell you weren’t anything to really disgust, I mean discuss but, there was no shortage of SMH moments.

The event has moved on until next year and I hope that this message comes off as sincere, to my readers and that what I say is from the heart and I love you but, suggest to your Carnival revelers to work out! Go for a hike, hit the gym, and eat better so that next year, so many of us won’t have to be subjected to “Mama’s gutta booty” on a 15 year old!  We need more Fathers!



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