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Have you ever run into someone that you know and have had past interactions with but, when they see you, they give you the stank-side eye look as if they don’t know you?  Or maybe they’re trying to figure out where they know you from and they make that face that tells you that they don’t know who the hell you are?  So, you come out sounding desperate like, “Hey it’s me from….”, and you are so confident so sure, that your little reminder would trigger within them some memory of you but alas, they still stand there with their mouths open while slowly pulling out of the death grip you have on their hand.

I hate when that happens!

Face recognition generally activates a special area of the brain – the fusiform gyrus!  This part of the right side of your brain is in the Cerebral Cortex, it helps you remember faces.  I probably have a hyper fusiform gyrus!  I never forget a face.  That makes it awkward for me at times when I see someone that  I remember but they don’t remember me and I’m faced with the “ok” this person obviously doesn’t think I’m important enough to remember me mode or I go into how I know them and why they should remember me.  Did I mention that it was awkward?

Or how about the “Hood Celebrity”, him or her that you used to chill with, kick it with or perform with, they’ve gained an audience and some popularity.  They may be on a marquee at a local show or even have a picture on a flyer or whatever and you go out to support them and when they see you they look through you and keep it moving.  It’s that same debilitating feeling when someone you at least thought you know doesn’t know you or haven’t validated your existence enough to remember you.

What about teachers or old co-workers? These are people you spent years with, depending on how long you stayed in school or on the job but, these are faces you can hardly forget but they seem to have forgotten you so mercilessly.

I recently drove by a woman whom I hadn’t seen since my childhood.  I clearly remembered her face and I almost had her name.  After mentioning that I saw her to my mother I was told that she lived in that part of the neighborhood and she sees her from time to time.

Even some family members that I haven’t seen in a while act as if they didn’t know me when they see me on the streets, I’m just some random dude.

My face-photographic memory is a blessing don’t get me wrong but I hate the confused faces, the head scratching that goes on while these people try to figure out who the hell I am.

Imagine waking up in a world where you know everyone but no one knows you.  Not family, friends, coworkers, not even your pet knows who you are.  The man who never forgot a face, sounds like a Hitchcock movie but, it’s my life…or it feels that way sometimes.


Remind me to remember to forget!




A morally awkward swim in my brain drain….

First, let me say that this format is surely not mine and I hope that DDMD will forgive my temporary swipe of her style.  But, that being said, I felt it necessary to blog about ‘Black People and Tuna Melts’.

On the way home, I pondered “what will I eat for dinner tonight?” I searched the crevices of old imbedded memories drawn from taste-bud to hippocampus, which by the way sounds like a college for large moist mammals, but still couldn’t decide on what I wanted until I drove by a Dunkin Donuts and saw their improper offering of mass produced individually prepared container imprisoned tuna fish.  So, I decided on tuna and what better way to serve mangled fish remains to myself than to have it between two pieces of toasted bread and Swiss cheese; A Tuna Melt.

Upon entering the store in my neighborhood, I was reminded as to why I liked to keep to myself and not interact with anyone, she, this female, was impolitely blocking the automatic doors with her body so I said, “Excuse me Sister” and the annoyance at either my unexpected politeness or that she may have thought I really was her brother, only to be disappointed at me being me, was etched all over her face.  It was as if I was the burden to her exiting through the entrance or maybe it was just me, over thinking it.

Moving along

Cruising up and down the aisles as I do on many occasions, the rows were filled with people that looked like me but didn’t act like me.  A loud-mouthed woman was running her mouth on her cell while her little boy caressed a box of Cocoa Puffs like little girls hold their baby dolls.  Another gaggle of women, with their exposed muffin-tops, argued back and forth about which shampoo would be better for their ummm, hair. (I think there was a sale on wig and weave shampoo, I’m just saying)

Then there was a heavily bearded fella, like myself, that made awkward eye contact with me as he pushed a boy and girl in a carriage past me. Thinking he was going to give the “going by head-nod” due to our common face-blankets, I nodded my head only to be ignored.

After the kind of day I had at work and these strange folks at the store I was ready to get out of there.  Looking for the canned seafood aisle, I turned the corner in hopes of getting what I needed so I could get out of there and there she was a young lady with a cart, texting on her cell phone, in front of the tuna, holding up my dinner.  I waited to see if she would notice me looking through her to get at the tuna fish but she stood there, texting away so I said, “Excuse me Sister”, she makes no eye contact, huffs and puffs and takes off with her carriage.

Black folks….I swear!

  Tuna Meltdown


  • 1 can Albacore Tuna
  • 2 tbsp Hellmans Mayonnaise
  • 1 tsp sweet relish
  • 1 tsp yellow mustard
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 Vine Ripened Tomato
  • 2 Slices of Finladia Swiss
  • 2 Slices of Multi-grain Bread


  1. In a bowl, add tuna, mayo, relish, mustard, salt & pepper – Mix with a fork
  2. Cut up your tomato, toast the bread and cheese
  3. Spread tuna on bread, add tomato, toast again briefly, Enjoy!