Who Am I?

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

I find it amusing how people think they know me, that they know ‘Who I Am’…they say, “OH he’s that type of guy, he’s this he’s that” and I hear em.  I’m not deaf, dumb, nor blind and just because I wear glasses doesn’t mean I can’t see through the tantamount of bull*** that surrounds me and the people around me.  The principles, morals and attitude, that I carry with me every day, can’t be comprehended by some and is feared by many.  Fear of the unknown, fear of what is not understood about a man and what he is.  I’m a mystery, an enigma, I am an old soul, father of creation, friend to those that are friends to me, Different, alone but not lonely, unplugged!  Folks take their ideas of themselves too far, perpetuating publicly a facade of ambitious probability…what they want to be – but aren’t.  These types are very detrimental to their own piece of society, their own little space here; these venom-spewers and ish-talkers, are only good as their vocabulary will carry them and from what I hear…not very far.  But, these people are the first to open their mouths about what someone else should be doing, or how someone is living…

So, my people, and those that consider themselves my people but, aren’t doing anything for our people, sit down and STFU!

Cerebellum Tellum


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