I love Jill Scott probably more than the average man/fan should but, that’s for another blog.

Hopefully, if Jill reads this she won’t think of me as being some psychotic fan that isn’t worthy of having a cup of coffee with or even a baby with but, rather as an introspective person that is voicing his opinion about something that has come across his radar.

Interracial relationships!

Jill Scott has been recorded on CNN as being a very adamant non-fan of interracial relationships and yet, one of her latest and hottest videos “So Gone” features her intimately purring about her resistance-issues over a white man, a.k.a. Paul Wall.  OK, he has a black wife or whatever but, does that absolve ‘her’ from the remarks she made on CNN?

Jill Scott has reportedly said that her “soul burns” every time she see a “successful black man with a white woman”.

What about Black women with White men?

Ok Jill.  That’s real but, is it okay for you to portray a character in a video that chooses to express how badly you can’t resist this particular man?  Her body was ignoring what her mind said, was it her anti-race-mixing vernacular to the white man but,
her body can’t resist his diamond-chip d***?  We wonder.

My future wife has been in two publicly displayed relationships with Black men,
that didn’t turn out well…

Scott and longtime boyfriend Lyzel Williams, a graphic artist and DJ,married in 2001 in a private Hawaiian ceremony. The couple dated for seven years before they wed.
Scott wrote and recorded the song “He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)” about Williams.
After six years of marriage, Scott and Williams divorced in 2007.

On June 20, 2008, at a concert in New York, Scott shared a long on-stage kiss with her drummer,
Lil’ John Roberts; the couple then told the audience that they were engaged.  They expected their first child on April 25, 2009 but the baby boy, Jett Hamilton Roberts, arrived five days earlier. On June 23, 2009, Scott announced that she and Roberts had broken up.

And now she comes out with this very sexually suggestive tirade about how bad she needs this man…

A White Man…

“Don’t want this thing but she can’t let go.”

Now, for the sake of saying it,  I’m not taking this performance in the video literally but, I’m wondering if emotion and deep down hurt inside of her is subliminally calling out for something that she may really want?

Or, is she suggesting it to any Black woman that is going through issues with Black men? Perhaps it has nothing to do with race at all?

To me the song is dope, the video is sexy and I’m really not mad at Jill but, as the conscious, smart and educated woman she is, I wonder what message she was trying to send by defrauding those of us that follow her?

I think Jill is willing to broaden her horizons whilst choosing a mate, maybe she’ll choose a regular guy… like me or maybe after this blog, she might want me to be So Gone…


  1. Famaya says:

    Interesting, I have learned to never say never. I wonder if she saw record sales down after what she said on CNN and her managers felt this was the way to win back her audience, which may have been mixed.

    Maybe she now can really understand that some black woman who claim that they had gone through enough bad relationships with black males, that they decided to broaden their horizons. I don’t want to speculate but sometimes we have to walk in the shoes of others to be able to understand and see what others go through. Maybe her eyes have been opened by friends, family, etc that sometimes you can’t help but give live a try and it may be with someone you least expect.

  2. KG says:

    I liked your blog.  I haven’t heard the song or viewed the video. I have viewed maybe all her other videos. I don’t remember seeing any white men in them.  I believe she is interested in expanding her horizons based on her past pain.  Maybe, she just tired of being alone. I really dont know but I can relate.  I would be interested in knowing if her views have changed towards black men/white women interracial relationships.  I think maybe not because she took that type of relationships as the rejection of black women by black men. I don’t see them that way. I always thought of them as the unlucky ones who couldn’t find a good black woman.   Your blog talks about her failed relationships and the deep pain she feels when she sees black men with white women. I believe Jill now she has two pains when it comes to black men. 1. Black men  Rejection of black women 2. Non-sustaining  relationships with black men. Hopefully not three pains. 3. Deadbeat dad.  
    I love Jill Scott. I’m not upset her personal or professional choices. I would be concerned if it further encouraged the promotion of white men/black women interracial relationships. This is definitely food for thought.

  3. Integrated Memoirs says:

    Even though Jill made that comment, I still like her. I try to look above the ignorance, lol!

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