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I love Jill Scott probably more than the average man/fan should but, that’s for another blog.

Hopefully, if Jill reads this she won’t think of me as being some psychotic fan that isn’t worthy of having a cup of coffee with or even a baby with but, rather as an introspective person that is voicing his opinion about something that has come across his radar.

Interracial relationships!

Jill Scott has been recorded on CNN as being a very adamant non-fan of interracial relationships and yet, one of her latest and hottest videos “So Gone” features her intimately purring about her resistance-issues over a white man, a.k.a. Paul Wall.  OK, he has a black wife or whatever but, does that absolve ‘her’ from the remarks she made on CNN?

Jill Scott has reportedly said that her “soul burns” every time she see a “successful black man with a white woman”.

What about Black women with White men?

Ok Jill.  That’s real but, is it okay for you to portray a character in a video that chooses to express how badly you can’t resist this particular man?  Her body was ignoring what her mind said, was it her anti-race-mixing vernacular to the white man but,
her body can’t resist his diamond-chip d***?  We wonder.

My future wife has been in two publicly displayed relationships with Black men,
that didn’t turn out well…

Scott and longtime boyfriend Lyzel Williams, a graphic artist and DJ,married in 2001 in a private Hawaiian ceremony. The couple dated for seven years before they wed.
Scott wrote and recorded the song “He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)” about Williams.
After six years of marriage, Scott and Williams divorced in 2007.

On June 20, 2008, at a concert in New York, Scott shared a long on-stage kiss with her drummer,
Lil’ John Roberts; the couple then told the audience that they were engaged.  They expected their first child on April 25, 2009 but the baby boy, Jett Hamilton Roberts, arrived five days earlier. On June 23, 2009, Scott announced that she and Roberts had broken up.

And now she comes out with this very sexually suggestive tirade about how bad she needs this man…

A White Man…

“Don’t want this thing but she can’t let go.”

Now, for the sake of saying it,  I’m not taking this performance in the video literally but, I’m wondering if emotion and deep down hurt inside of her is subliminally calling out for something that she may really want?

Or, is she suggesting it to any Black woman that is going through issues with Black men? Perhaps it has nothing to do with race at all?

To me the song is dope, the video is sexy and I’m really not mad at Jill but, as the conscious, smart and educated woman she is, I wonder what message she was trying to send by defrauding those of us that follow her?

I think Jill is willing to broaden her horizons whilst choosing a mate, maybe she’ll choose a regular guy… like me or maybe after this blog, she might want me to be So Gone…



I love food, just as much as any other over nourished American but, when it comes to compiling recipes and extreme taste-testing, I figured I’d place a proverbial “couch-in-the-kitchen” and get a little comfort food while being; Comfortable.

From Soul to Thai, my tastes for fine cuisines have kept me up late at night conjuring up dishes on my own or sitting in front of the TV gawking at Food Network and it’s bevy of Master Chefs.

These late nights helped shape me into the home-chef that I am today. Armed with custom cookware, an Iron Chef apron and a desire to satisfy hunger, I am the man! Whether it’s serving up my own craft or improved copies of famous dishes from popular restaurants, I’ve always enjoyed the process of seasoning, cooking, serving and eventually eating great food.

Although my palate for food is long, I have to stop short at a delicacy that is loved by many and a dearly departed treat for yours truly…

Lobster, Crab & Shrimp!

You know the old saying: You don’t know what you’re missing, well, in this case I do. At one time in my life I was able to enjoy these tasty sea creatures but, in my adult years I have developed a literally nauseating allergy to ocean bottom-dwellers.

I can still prepare them if I choose to do so, if there is a calling for my Parmesan Shrimp Alfredo that would certainly be worthy of a return to that side of the kitchen. I’ve even teased the kitchen gods with a lobster chowder recipe that never came to be, due to my allergy. (Yeah that rhymed)

Anyway, enough of water-roaches let me dive deeper into the mindset of a “Foodie.” In my opinion we are complex yet simple lovers of great food.  Some of us can burn in the kitchen, some of us make magic on the grill and some of us just like to eat and don’t have time for preparation, cooking and cleaning. Foodies EAT, plain and simple.

Did I mention my couch-in-the-kitchen comes with pull out trays and cup holders?

Our tastes vary, our menus inexplicably different, yet our common obsession unites us. My Foodie-ism covers all aspects, I like to prep, cook and eat, just about everything that is mouth-worthy, I also like to serve, and that’s where the couch-in-the-kitchen comes in.  Staying planted in the kitchen, nose buried in various cookbooks, I‘ve learned the art of variety and flash when it comes to cooking; seasoning and flavoring I learned from my mother and on my own.

Salt and Pepper and…

Seasoning isn’t really covered in culinary books so, growing up on salty, savory Soul food, combined with bold experimentation, I became the Spice master of my kitchen. Who wants to eat bland food anyways? We eat to enjoy, not be annoyed. I think the second-best to African-American cooking in terms of well-seasoned food are the Italians, followed behind closely by East Indian cuisine.

I keep a stock load of Italian seasoning which consists of: Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme and Marjoram.  Simple yet powerful, when combined with sea salt and cracked pepper, it adds a great Mediterranean flair to any meal, even a traditionally simply salted and peppered American dish like meatloaf or baked chicken, can become a “mangia-mangia” meal.

Home on the Range Oven

Growing up in a single parent home with my mother, some days instead of running around the block or playing basketball, I would pull up a chair to watch her cook. I watched her make miracles every Thanksgiving, flip flawless pancakes, scale fish and dry rub slabs of beef ribs.  I learned to work in the kitchen in a particular order; a clean order and an organized order. I have no shame in being domesticated and picking up her habits; in fact it’s a bonus. It ensures my survival as a Foodie and guarantees I’ll never go hungry and can feed others; if I’m willing to share.

For years, the kitchen was a classroom and home was the school, my mother the teacher and I the student, learning the tricks and taking in the aroma of good food.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner was deliciously served how we liked it, family never went away unsatisfied, legendary dishes still bring back memories of holidays past,  now it’s my duty to continue the same celebrated fare and traditions with my kids.  My journey in the kitchen started early and I’m still going strong thirty some odd years later so it’s never too early or too late to, “Learn to Burn.”

So, to my Foodies out there, eat well and prosper and when life gives you lemons….

Squeeze it on your fish! [Krown]