Posted: January 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

As I don’t have much time for anything these days other than; working, parenting, living, writing and reading I’m not so sure how I’m going to find time to add Blogging to my long to-do-life-list.  Being that this is my first blog on my Blog, I figured I’d keep it simple and just say hi.  My name is Jerel, I’m a Father, poet, writer, Nature loving hiker, non-profit co-owner, Freemason and friend to many.  2012, is off to an okay start.  Life is life.  My children mean the world to me. My oldest is 16, he’s developing into an interesting young man.  Complete with attitude and laziness but, he’s determined to make me proud and I like that.  He does well in school and stays out of trouble – it’s all I can ask for right?  Two boys, fraternal twins (means they don’t match) that just celebrated their 1st year of life both in their hometown and mine.  Being a father that cares, that works to provide as best I can for my children can be challenging.  The oldest lives with me in Boston, the babes, live in Springfield, nearly one hundred miles away.  As a father, as a man that loves and cares for his children, I’m faced with the most difficult challenge in my life.  To be a part of the lives of my children so far away.  My car isn’t in the best condition and the drive has taken it’s toll on the vehicle but, that still doesn’t stop me.  I love my kids, gotta do what I gotta do.   I’m not going to get into the meat and potatoes of the struggle because I’d be here all day.

I’ve been a writer for many, many years now.  Starting with poetry and then dabbling with fictional writing and it’s been fun but, not rewarding.  I have a completion issue (as confirmed by a therapist) and I haven’t been able to finish not one of my novels due in part to me being such a busy body.  I really want to become a published author and an acclaimed writer but, if I keep doing what I do, I’ll never see the day when that happens.  Maybe I’m over dedicating myself to the many other things I have going on life like…My outdoors organization, Hike4Life.  It’s a non-profit, community organization that takes folks from the inner-city and introduces them to the natural world, thru hiking, mountain climbing, camping, archery and other activities.  I spend a lot of time organizing events, establishing local partnerships, photographing the events, managing the website and Facebook page, etc., etc.  So, as you can see, I’m a pretty busy guy.  I’ve vowed in 2012 to learn to better manage my time, can’t say it’s working so far but, I’m trying.

So, I’d like to end my first blog by saying: Be you. Do you.  Don’t let anyone determine who you are or where you should be or what you should be doing.  The only one you have to answer to is YOU!

Peace & Blessings



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