192l1ncf5l2yqjpgHow odd it is for me, a man raised on southern style cooking, to say ditch the seasoning? Well, this by no means is to say that it’s okay to enjoy the blandness of a mayonnaise “only” potato salad brought in by one of your co-workers. We’ve all been there; right? That will never be okay. Anyway, this is a personal exploratory moment for me to see where it will take me in my home based culinary career.

I’ve made the foray into cooking with only salt and pepper. After getting some great professional advice, I’ve ditched the dry, tinder worthy, bottled seasonings and have gone back to the first two seasonings that I was taught to use. About those other seasonings; let’s admit, some of them could give old sawdust a run for its money, let alone the dehydrating loads of sodium found in some of them.

There’s nothing wrong with using seasonings to flavor your foods, but once you get an appreciation for the natural flavor of foods enhanced with simple salt and pepper, you may be able to pick up what I’m putting down.

Iodized. Kosher. Pink Himalayan. There are dozens if not hundreds of different variations of salt products that we consume. I personally am not a fan of hypertension inducing iodized salt however, when used in safe and reasonable amounts it brings out very satisfactory flavors to any dish. I prefer Pink Himalayan Salt; sounds like a mouthful, it will certainly give you a mouthful of flavor and in healthy amounts is healthier than table salt.

More info on different types of Salts:

Black. Peppercorn. Rainbow Peppercorn. Pepper, in its many variations is known as the ‘Master Spice’, you really can’t go wrong with pepper unless you use too much of it. Pepper adds a sense of exoticism to your meal, a slight bite of heat and the best combination to go with any salt; pepper is as diverse in its flavor scale as it is in its variety.

For the Pepper lovers:

If you are serious about cooking as I am – experiment! Try it out, taste it, see how much flavor you can get out of the foods that you’re preparing. Don’t hide them, highlight them. Read the contents of your Lawry’s Season salt or your Italian Seasoning Mix; try to find and use the real plants that make up those spices to add zest and zeal to your favorite meals.


CT aka Chef J. Strongbow



A Moment of Clarity-

An indescribable freedom came over me over the last few days; No Facebook and like James Brown, “I Feel Good!” Actually, I’m feeling great. It’s been nearly a decade since I first signed on (plugged in) and going without Facebook, has been liberating to say the least.

Why did I need this break?
There’s so much shit on Facebook that it was making my head feel like shit. From “expert” opinions on race, sex, marriage, relationships and society, to “experts” on Blackness, police policy, holistic practices, community work and child rearing and psychology; I had to step away for more than just personal reasons. I may or may not be talking about people on my super-duper-long list of “friends” on Facebook but, if the shoe fits, then by God, wear it! My news feed, flooded with foolishness, people posting fights amongst women, children and men while someone stands by and records the abuse. Overnight revolutionaries, trying to tell me, how to and why I should protest or why I should go to a rally or why I should lay down in the middle of the street or why I should hold hands with the same people that would oppress me IF they switched sides and had the power to do so. My inbox, raided with vitriol because I’m not aligning myself with certain movements or causes. I get questions about this and that and why I feel this and why I think that; people trying to get at me through cyberspace yo – feels like their fishing.

Speaking of cyberspace, a part of the disconnect that most of us are suffering despite the connectivity that soc/med is supposed to bring us, is the fact that we are connected to machines that put the world in our hands. Cell phones, laptops, tablets and personal computers, aid in disconnecting humans from humans. The advances in technology are great, despite the role they play in tearing us apart. At concerts, the artists ask that you “put up your cell phones” to mimic the days of when people put up lighters for their favorite songs. Or when you’re at dinner with family, friends or a fiancée and everyone are on their phones, while the food gets cold. We spend more time looking down into our palms than into the faces of the people we say that we love and care about. I’m not above my own reprimand, I’m guilty of the same offense, but I vow to improve my personal interactions, while toning down some digital ones.

There’s a sense on Facebook of care-less-ness, in all aspects. People care less about the success of other people; their dreams, ideas or plans. People are careless with information they put on Facebook and are just messy with their actions and behaviors. Not everyone will be as supportive as some of us are, the question is why not? Why is it such a big deal to show love, support or even donate to people you know and claim to care about? Facebook, in my opinion has either 1) Exposed people for who they really are or 2) Exposed people for who they really are! As a society that’s plugged into Facebook, we’ve become some truly non-caring folks. We turn to Facebook to remember birthdays. We turn to Facebook to get the word on the street. We turn to Facebook to judge people. We turned to Facebook to avoid reality. There are very few genuine things on Facebook and I’m sure that most of us, if we think that way can count them on one hand. Everything else is fodder for foolishness.

It’s hard to avoid the idiot box (TV), when people clog the news feed with Scandal, Housewives, BET or anything else that I feel is bad for me. Not to say it’s bad for you, but, does the whole world need to know the play-by-play of a TV show that you are watching in your home? Aren’t there groups dedicated to that crap where you could post, share and cackle about it? This year so far, I have turned off notifications and have un-followed so many people because of the BS they post. If there’s one thing that Facebook offers that I enjoy, it’s that feature. This way I can narrow it down to who I want to see and who I don’t want to see. Personal preference, I’m just saying. I don’t want to see your Videos, Vines or Vimeos! Notice how those all start with V!?



Just because YOU are into something doesn’t mean that I have to be into it as well. We all have different streams of thought, different thought processes, we don’t have to believe what you believe and vice-versa, the problem is folks are too damn sensitive. I’ve said this before, Facebook has created whine-babies, that take everything personally and instead of discussing it like men/women, they run away. Hiding on your friends list just so they can stay connected to you for whatever reason they choose to stick around.

Facebook has turned us against each other, pitting one mind versus the other, degreed people versus non-degreed people. Black versus White, Male versus Female, Citizens versus Cops and Truth tellers versus Liars. I’ve been free to think for myself without being negatively influenced by what I see on Facebook. I see cliques and clubs, thinkers and thugs, starving artists and some who are just starving for attention. I see anger, frustration, sadness and bliss, things to make me think and things to make me sick. Where’s the old social media that I used to know? This medium was a great connector of old friends and connecting with new ones. I’ve been able to connect with schoolmates from elementary school and disconnect with friends that I grew up with. Is Facebook to blame for the people we have become? I’m not sure, but, there is a powerful influence that determines our lives that comes from our interaction with Facebook. You can tell when you’re talking to someone and they are telling you something important and then finish by saying, “Oh, you didn’t see it, I posted it on Facebook.” (GTFOH)

I’ve heard several people say, “It’s not official until it’s on Facebook!” How many times have you heard that? This is some of the reasons as to why I’m unplugging and or monitoring my time and the content I consume while participating on Facebook. No longer will my life and time be wasted wantonly staring at a news feed that is feeding me news of pain, death, destruction and distaste. If I wanted that, I could just watch TV.

Facebook has been the biggest disservice to society it has:
1. Destroyed relationships
2. Destroyed friendships
3. Destroyed caring
4. Destroyed love
5. Destroyed us

It has also created Facebook thugs, Facebook know-it-alls, Facebook killers, Facebook bullies, women haters, men haters, gay haters, straight haters, haters, haters, haters!!!

Intelligent conversation need not apply. (Save a few of us) Personalized expert opinion is the new norm. We take and accept information because it’s given loudly and with boisterous intent. Social skills are lost in the banter and guilt-free rhetoric, no one knows how to hug or love or care anymore. People are too scared to speak up or voice their opinions because they don’t want to loose [sic] friends…on Facebook and the only qualified voice is the one that is quantified with degrees. (Not)

We have to be aware (beware) that there are forces out there that instigate our frustrations at each other. There are people (agents) in place to disrupt the basics of our minds by implanting lies that MIGHT feel like truth but smell like shit. Agents that claim to love us then throw shade and bombs at us, talking badly about folks just because they disagree with their beliefs. Many have said, how can you blame Facebook for that? I just say, I can’t blame it on Facebook but, Facebook brings out the boogeyman in some of us. Facebook has become a platform for dispensing pain; instead of lying on a couch and talking to a therapist, we are the unwilling eyes to witness someone falling apart mentally and we tend to not care enough to check on a person who is crying out for help. We message back like, “you a’ight, you okay, you good?” Instead of just picking up the phone or going by to check on them. Facebook, or our laziness has desensitized us to the point of where we are too preoccupied to get off of our ass to spend time with the people we love. We would rather separate from them in order to avoid the responsibility of caring about them.

I don’t really mean to go off on a rant on anyone that may feel that I may be talking about them personally, I’m really not. I know Mr. or Mrs. Sensitivity, whose insecurity may get to them, may think I am but, truly I have better things to do than worry about you or your opinions of me. I’m just blogging about how turned-off I’ve become watching the behavior of people that are lost in the world of Facebook. I only ask that we do better since we know better. So for now, I’m unplugged and off Facebook, if you really want to find me, you know how.

Facebook is getting played out!


WriteI’m a Write or Die kind of writer, so I’ve been writing the entire time I was away from WP. Never taking a moment to not scratch on white-lined or blank computer screens. Whether it was a story, an unpublished blog, or poetry, I write to become a better writer.  “To not write is to die” – CT

To my fans I apologize to the both of you but, it’s once again writing season for Cerebellum Tellum and I’m back with a muted-vengeance cause people are watching.

Oh, it’s been a long time on the sidelines, I feel like Jonas Gray of the Patriots being benched for being late to practice, feeling like I’m late to these digital pages so I’m rushing through like a running-back to get my words to touchdown into your brains.

Since last we hung out, there have been countless crimes against the humanity of Black men and women all over this country. The cries of injustice are real and are being heard all over the world and yet, the dominant society fails to yield to moral pressure. The recent caricaturization of historical lynchings with captions saying, “I can’t breathe” is tasteless, hurtful and is maliciously courting the wrath of an already angry people.

Two thousand fourteen started out with a racist bang and it looks like the trend continued up to the end of the year. Now, I don’t mean to come back just to harp on the negative things going on but, there’s a whole lot of negative things going on.

Sanford, FL – Ferguson, MO – Staten Island, NY – Main Street, America…

It feels like open season on our lives, it feels like folks are still scratching and scraping for freedom and justice that was mistakenly promised to us. We really want to believe in the American dream but, we’ve only been able to cuddle up with the nightmares that this country has expeditiously expedited on our lives. Under our current POTUS, racism, white supremacy and police brutality have been on the rise. Our CIC (Commander In Chief) has been painfully silent; more so than any other President in history on race issues. We knew George Bush didn’t like Black people (thanks Kanye) but damn, at least he served the interests of people that looked like him.

I think most of us who express disappointment in the Presidents lack of or dismissive responses to the struggles of black folks, forgets that, WE didn’t support him financially. WE didn’t do what was needed to put a Black Agenda under a Black President in place. Yeah we voted, we prayed, we danced but, to a politician, that’s all we did. Money talks, so we get stuck with 4th or 5th string treatment when it comes to what he can and is willing to do for us. We can’t expect him to do for us just as he does for every other “group”, they’ve contributed heavily to his presidency. So, you heard it hear first, we all we got.

Whack Friday

Many Black Americans stood in solidarity withholding our dollars and not spending on the biggest retail days of the year. According to ATLANTA BLACKSTAR, on Black Friday 2014, there was an 11% drop in sales across the nation. Of course analyst and mainstream media are downplaying a loss of 7 Billion dollars on lack of interests in Black Friday and downplaying the magnitude and importance of the black dollar to American retail.

If you ask me, WE are waking up. #nojusticenoprofit #notonedime #boycottblackfriday (you can also check TIME Magazine if you need more proof) I hope that if Black Americans are not spending wastefully, that we are saving or making investments that will benefit ourselves and our families in the long run and not just a temporary fix. Invest wisely and put your money towards long term solutions that will improve financial institutions, schools and hospitals, businesses and organizations in our communities.

While millions around the world protest and die-in, we should be trying to make a true, actual and tangible and financial difference in the neighborhoods we live in. Let’s #stopkillingeachother, let’s #buildupeachother, let’s #worktogether and stop walking around with our hands up and keep our heads up instead.

Look America, I just want to write. These words need to be heard, like spoken words and proverbs!

Cerebellum Tellum isn’t trying to beat you over the head with wit or writ or endless tirades about how I feel about the unrest in the world but, this is my blog and I kinda like it here. It’s warm and welcoming and it gives me a platform to express myself in a ttolaly dffiernet way. (Hope you caught that) I welcome conversation and look forward to typing to all of you and giving shout outs because you followed my page. 🙂

It feels good to be back, I just hope it feels as good to you as it is for me.

– CT


Michael Jordan doesn’t care about Black People. Like Kanye West courageously shouted on national television, about how he felt then president George W. Bush felt about Black people during the Hurricane Katrina disaster and the screw up that followed.  I personally feel the same way about Mr. Jordan and other athletes but, this is about MJ. He is in a position, a well paid position; that allows an exploitative condition to be created for some of our less informed Brothers and Sisters to fall into. One of the highest paid and greatest athletes of ALL time, shackled by his surname to a product, an expensive brand that creates death and drama in poor Black communities.

Death. Violence. Capitalism.

How is MJ to be blamed? He knows exactly what’s going on outside of the sneaker stores – mothers and fathers fighting, kids dying, police being called in to control the ravenous crowds that come out in droves to purchase these shoes. The majority of these people can barely pay their rents, live check to check, neglect their children but, still find a way to spend over $300 on his sneakers. That’s not his fault but, his marketers control the euphoria that draws people to it.  On the flip-side, is it fair to completely blame him?

For 30 Years, we have chosen to be enslaved to a product. Materialism has been likened to psychosis; this is a sickness of consumption…

I’ve always wondered, what is more important to African-Americans? Do we really NOT care about the future, about our lives, the lives of our children and the lives of others? Are we that broken, that we refuse to try to do the slightest things to fix the problems that plague us and our communities.  I think of the hair industry – Black women spend billions (b) of dollars a year on someone else’s hair.  I can only imagine, if MJ or MJB put their name on a wig it would sell like hot combs!  I’m also reminded of a quote, “Rich people stay rich by living like they are poor and poor people stay poor by living like they’re rich.” True right?

Our priorities are all jacked up and it adds to our Slave Narrative of 2014 and possibly beyond.

In light of the glorification of Slavery in dramatic and cinematic exhibition, I wanted to start a conversation about our current condition. Let’s talk about our current Slave status.  Not in a speculative sense; let’s literally discuss where we are when it comes to accepting the fact that we are mainstream Slaves.  Slaves to materialism and consumerism. We get caught up in the razzle-dazzle of “buying things” and line dance our way into the money-grubbing hands of capitalists that make you think you need to spend money that you don’t have on products you don’t need.

The amount of money we spend during holidays is sickening. Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day to name a few; on these days, the African-American dollar is looooong….However, we are the bottom of the list again, when it comes to charitable contributions and circulating money in our communities.

I feel this way about all Americans but, African Americans must do better. We have fewer resources but, expend up to 3 times as much as our European counterparts.

Now,  I’m not trying to be right or wrong; that will be decided by you, the readers but, this obsession over Jordans is crazy and it has to stop! Period. Point. Blank!

Michael Jordan and other “High Society”, Blacks do not care about the plights of poor Black people. They are somehow immune from issues that affect the “little people” due to their economic statuses.  These are people that are trying coming up from the bottomless pits, trying to get out of the same dark places that many of them came from.

We have to send them a message that they will not continue to profit from our suffering.

Stop feeding the machine. Stop buying Jordans!




It’s so hard to stay away from controversy when controversy refuses to stay away. Hey everyone, the dragon is back and I’m fired up. Let me make a disclaimer; I am not a fan of Dr. Boyce Watkins however, he wrote an interesting piece on the Donald Sterling situation and for once I agree with a lot of what he says well, at least 81% (to avoid full compliance with him).

Anyway, this controversy over in Clipper Land has really agitated me and I just can’t keep calm and keep my mouth shut, I have to write, Bloggers, blog. So, that being said, my engraved fume into this digital soil will focus on the NAACP and its coon leadership over in Los Angeles. How disturbingly fitting, a male by the name of Leon Jenkins, a name that couldn’t speak to the volumes of coon-ism any louder than Stepin Fetchit, is conducting the coon train into an embarrassing media minstrel show.

This so-called president of the Los Angeles branch of the NAACP allegedly is calling for Donald Sterling’s forgiveness for a “fee”, while hiding behind God, religion and apparent greed.

“This week, the Los Angeles Times has reported that Leon Jenkins, president of the Los Angeles branch of the NAACP, is willing to forgive Sterling for his latest set of racial sins, all for a modest fee. Using God, Christianity and the bible as cover, Jenkins goes back to the foundations of why black people were fed religious beliefs that teach us to bend in fear in the midst of battle, even if others have declared war on us.  “God teaches us to forgive, and the way I look at it, after a sustained period of proof to the African American community that those words don’t reflect his heart, I think there’s room for forgiveness. I wouldn’t be a Christian if I said there wasn’t,” Jenkins said. “We are negotiating with him about giving more moneys to African American students at UCLA, and so we are in preliminary discussions,” he also said. – Boyce Watkins

The NBA has shown its strength while the NAACP has shown its weakness.

The NBA has shown its strength while the NAACP has shown its weakness.

I fully agree with Boyce that, “The NAACP’s national office should step up and admonish the Los Angeles chapter for exhibiting behavior that is in direct contradiction to the sentiments and desires of millions of people who are offended by Sterling’s record of racist behavior.”

I call for his resignation.

This Jenkins character is indisputably a villain and an enemy of the people. We are not and should not support the NAACP nationally until they demand his resignation. Our community can’t continue to foot the bill when it comes to building up these organizations and empowering these puppets that claim to be for us but, only end up hurting us and making us look like a tribe of fools. Now the world knows that the NAACP will take money from racist whites looking to be forgiven for transgressions against Black people. It’s like going into a confession booth and silently sliding the pastor an envelope of cash and all sins are magically forgiven.

We pretend that because of the size of the NAACP that we can’t and shouldn’t hold them accountable for their actions and the way they practice business. We never come out and say this but, our actions speak louder than words. Everything they do is at our expense; the little people, the poor, the inopportune and the weak, how can any right-thinking person accept this without questioning the intents and purposes of the organization and sleep comfortably at night?

How many more Donald Sterling’s are we going to have to forgive? How many more degrading remarks about our people are we going to sweep under the rug? How much more can a people take; being torn down day after day, by law enforcement, millionaires, billionaires, white supremacists, racists, institutionalized racism and the media. When will the string that is holding us complacent out of fear of death, break and unleash upon the world the collective anger of Black people?

When are we going to stop following the lamb to the slaughterhouse?

The LA NAACP’s failure to act appropriately, is another notch in the whipping belt of white supremacy; proving that the almighty white dollar can buy black sentiment from institutions that are supposed to work for us, not against us. Working on behalf to end discrimination and hatred towards Black people well, colored people, whatever that means but, you get my point. African-Americans, Blacks, Coloreds, Negroes will never be taken seriously if we don’t get serious about how we take care of each other.

In my openly-personal opinion, this is clearly making the NAACP look like the laughing stock of the non-profit world. Yes, other organizations may take dirty money but, it’s not in the open and they don’t have the archetypal stereotype posturing around on television trying to justify the handout!

Leon Jenkins is a coon, a minstrel, a sell-out, selling-into the white supremacy machine and using our foolishness, our money and our misguided loyalty to grease the engine.


The end result of all of this is unbalanced, like Elephants and Ants on see-saws. The NBA has shown its strength while the NAACP has shown its weakness.  Showing lenience and compassion to Donald Sterling, while the NBA does the right thing and rids themselves of him for life.




I was on a week-long journey, a journey to find A Better Breakfast. Trying to eat better and to eat right.  What is eating better or eating right?  Let’s get to that later…

I’m a typical breakfast guy.  Eggs, Bacon (Turkey), Toast, Grit, Waffles, Pancakes and occasionally a drop of fruit are what usually make up my morning meal.  There are so many variations of the aforementioned grub it’s impossible to not find anything that will suit your palette.  My breakfast consists of three eggs, scrambled, with cheese, turkey bacon or sausage, toast or a burrito wrap.  This would be a quick and fast, easy and portable delicious start to me day.  However, after 25-45 minutes I would feel sluggish and sleepy, the “Itis” as it’s aptly named set in and sitting at a desk just hours after waking up is a bad mix and sometimes results in sleeping. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!

I joined a group on facebook that focuses on ‘No Meat for Once A Week’ and I chose Thursday to be my meatless day, I added another day to my week I actually on top of that, I wanted to try to improve my breakfast choices and to do that I’ve dropped my typical routine.


On a search for a healthier breakfast, I discovered the amazing Avocado! The Avocado is well loved by many people and I’ve added my name to its fan list.  Whether it’s sliced or mashed, it goes great with fresh tomatoes, multigrain bread and even eggs.


I have been eating clean every morning and here are some of my healthy creations.

As of the date that this blog was posted, I’ve discovered the delectable and filling peanut butter and banana sandwich for breakfast.  I use a nutty-multi-grain bread for that meal.  I’ve removed a couple of brands of Almond milk from my diet, due to chemical additives that don’t sit right with my soul, I’ve also continued with meatless mornings.


What is eating better?  Not eating the over-processed meats and fat heavy cheeses that come with egg sandwiches from places like Dunkin Donuts or local mom and pop eateries.

Eating better with the idea that you are eating for nutritional purposes and not just to fill your stomach, to satisfy taste buds and our ravenous false-famines when it comes to foods.

What is eating right?  Eating the right things and not the wrong things.  Most of us are capable of making the right decisions when presented with choice.  Sometimes we do make the right ones when no one is looking and for that we deserve praise.  Choosing to eat fruits and vegetables over meats and cheeses, is a way to eat right.  It may not be for you; why not?  You don’t have to eat what I eat but, you can watch what you eat and decide if all of that extra stuff is good for you.

I just wanted to share and I hope you get inspired and try to find healthier options so you can have A Better Breakfast.



Hi, my name is Beyoncé and I approve your labels.

Here we are again.  We forage for the fodder that is Beyoncé.  Hungry for controversy, she feeds us a healthy dose of WTF and we devour it.

Having half-dressed, wet, women on grand stages, entertaining us, has become the norm for America. Hell, why not? It’s been done over and over and over and over and over again but now….It’s reaching a boiling point, where little girls want to be Beyoncé. They want the look, the body, the glamour and glitz and sadly the objectification that it comes with.

What do we do as parents?

As a Father of all boys, I hope that I don’t have to worry about them growing into a world with a different set of life rules when it comes to females and how they are viewed.  I have to do my part of course and I already have these conversations with my eighteen year old about the clothes that some of the girls his age are wearing and the things that they are doing with their young bodies. At the rate things are going now, how can anyone have respect for females when they are celebrated for doing things that show them in a lesser light.

Do we sit back and allow it because it’s ONLY entertainment and dumb it down because, it’s only kinda-lewd and it’s only T.V.?

We have such a double-standard in society.  We praise our First Family and adore them for being so regal, clean and qualified and perfect and we say things like that’s how I want my family to be….Then we acclaim shows about left-behind ex-wives, women that are cruel to each other, over-pampered and over-tolerated, spoiled celebrities that share their pre-recorded lives with us and then we have Beyoncé; dripping wet and dancing in the misogynistic mist of our male dominated culture.

Objectification is a long word and it’s not used often in the mainstream but, it still holds strength in circles of proud, self-respecting women that stream the internet with blogs about how out of order the state of womanhood is and how ‘good or bad’, image is everything. It’s a word that I hold on to when I need to pull it out because someone thinks seeing a woman as an object, is cool. Then there are the women that are proud of Beyoncé and how she’s a DivaBossChick and Jay-Z is PAID, so it’s alright, it’s cool, it’s just music. How is it that these same bastions of feminist theorists, comfortably criticize women in rap videos and applaud Bey for flaunting the same imagery?

What’s the difference?

To this writer, Beyoncé is being used to blight the minds of young people, while using herself to push a sex-crazed or drunk-in-love, music industry product that sells young women’s dreams to the highest bidder in the name of entertainment, money and sexual objectification.


1924 Josephine Baker, The Chocolate Dandies

She’s a canvas for negative projection, a modern day Josephine Baker; a willing participant in her own objectification and unlike in the 1920’s, little girls weren’t trying to be like her and were likely shielded from her images.  They had parents that kept their kids in check, today there are no rules and somewhere, a mother is twerking and strip dancing in front of her children.

“Hello NASA, I’d like two tickets to the Moon please!”